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Firmware versions This is the changelog for the fabbster kit



Frequently Asked Question(s)

  • The update problem is still existing after retrying


  • Turn off your fabbster and when turning the machine on again, hold the multifunctional button . If the LEDs are running up and down try again the update process.
  • If the problem still exists please contact the Support


Häufig gestellte Frage(n)

  • Kommt es trotz wiederholtem Versuch zu Aktualisierungsproblemen


  • Schalten Sie bitte Ihren Fabbster aus und halten Sie beim Wiedereinschalten den Multifunktionsbutton gedrückt. Wenn die LED Anzeige ein Lauflicht zeigt, starten Sie den Test erneut.
  • Sollte es weiterhin zu Problemen kommen, wenden Sie sich bitte an den Support.

FW-Update Version 7.12

FW-Update Version 6.63


  • USB-Upload
  • Temperature Control

version 5.10

customer version
from December, 21th 2012   
  • faster transfer of data
  • cancel works (via software or press button for 5 sec during pause; lights will go off. This indicates that job is canceled)
  • new position for pause
  • enable/disable of motors integrated by double click if no job is running.(no need to switch off and on the system anymore). Keep care to hold the Extruder by hand before disable the motors that it do not crash on the plattform. The plattform can be moved very easy now if motors are disabled
  • fully integrated acceleration
  • tons of bugfixes

version 3.53

customer version
from Septermber, 1th 2012  week 36 
  • stop extruding when starting second print
  • pause function extended (unload stick - stop- load stick - stop - one after the other by click on the button; double click to resume)
  • switch of material sensor if no material at start up (red LED is on)

version 3.38

customer version
from July, 31th 2012  week 31 
  • move extruder up on start
  • support for material stick sensor
  • pause function implemented (double click on the button for pause & long press for resume)

version 3.24

customer version
from May, 15th 2012 week 20
  • no changelog set
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