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If the software doesn't update automatically, use -> help/ update netfabb in the software!


Known bugs

  • none so far

Version 4.9.4

Release date find here

changelog netfabb

  • new Firmware included v5.10
  • Warning dialog, if firmware too old
  • fabbster over Ethernet printing and discovery (hardware will be available in Q1/2013
  • added more explanatory error code descriptions
  • axis movement acceleration support
  • extruder retraction support
  • revised material calibration dialog
  • new buildstyles
  • Comb feature: No Retraction within one region
  • calibration bugfix: remove unused buildstyle entries
  • Autocalibration: easier to use
  • added configurable delays before fast jump
  • switch to new FAB file format. Transfer rate to SD Card is now 10x faster
  • AUTO.BGC is now called AUTO.FAB
  • Heated bed support
  • Update Wizard button highlighted
  • Sort buildstyles by name
  • new Sorting Strategy of Contours and Filling
  • Motors are disabled by default and can be enabled by double click on the main button
  • new Temperature Control Strategy
  • Support Type: External Support
  • Added Minimal Cycle Time
  • Bugfix: Extruder extrudes while changing raft
  • Connect Direct Printing Overrides
  • new USB Driver and Installer (important for windows 8 compatibility)

Version 4.9.3

Release date find here

changelog netfabb

The fabbster engine includes a lot changes:

Version 4.9.2

  • Download the new Buildstyles seperate from New_buildstyles
  • Download the firmware updater from Fw_update
  • Calibration for material extrusion can be set automatically now

Version 4.9.1

  • Temperature for regions can be set procentual based on lower and upper temperature
  • Raft temperature can be set procentual based on lower and upper temperature
  • Correction of initial machine settings for fabbster

Version 4.9.0

For netfabb engine 4.9 you need to change some default setting.


If you do not change this your fabbster will drive to the top right corner to get a signal from endswitches!

Maschine settings 49.png
Material settings 49.png
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