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With the time a lot of users will have more or less similar questions.

The coordinate system

The coordinate system and the home postion of the fabbster. The withe arrows shows how to manually move the axis for homing

Cleaning the nozzle

  • Heat the noozle to medium temperature of the material in the nozzle.
  • With low extruder speed (<24RPM) try to press material out
    when material blocks, remove material with low negative extruder speed and cut off 20mm of material that the material gets grip again.
  • Repeat this 5x to 10x until material flows out of the nozzle again
  • If you are not sucessfull, cool down the nozzle and disassemble it.
  • Drill out the material with a 3mm drill (2.5-3.0) as deep as you can go with a standard drill
  • Reassemble the nozzle and repeat the topics above
  • It is very unusual that the small hole in the nozzle is blocked and you can not get an material flow with the hints from above!
  • If you can ot get a reflow of material, use a thin wire (<0,3mm) to clean the small bore in the nozzle

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