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The Fabbster has 3 LEDs which show its operational status in one of 6 different modes it could be in:

  • off no LED lights The Fabbster is switched off
  • on mode green LED is blinking Fabbster is switched on
    • red LED not implemented yet
    • blue LED not implemented yet
    • red LED blinking not implemented yet
    • blue LED blinking mot implemented yet
  • operational mode active green LED is on press the start/stop for more than 5sec or start a print via software
    • red LED -> extruder is heating
    • blue LED -> set temperature is reached
  • operational mode inactive green LED is off press the start/stop button during operational mode or pause in software
  • error mode all LEDs are blinking automatic if firmware detects a temperature error
  • flash mode all LEDs are blinking one after the other press start/stop button during switch on

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