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You can define and modify buildstyles by your own, but you can also try to use settings wich are reviewed by someone else.

There are 3 different settings to build a 3D part. To load all settings you need to import machine settings in the machine tabsheet.
Remember to save your old configuration beforehand by using the export machine settings.

  • Machine settings: you can import machine settings only in combination with material and buildstyle settings.
    • Material settings: you can import each of the material settings individually
    • Buildstyles: you can import each of the buildstyle settings individually

The build of a 3D file is always a combination of all settings from machine/material/buildstyle.

  • Optimized buildstyles for use with version 4.9.2 and ABS like material sticks.
    If you want to test it please download the Settings for 4.9.2 (release date 15th of June 2012)

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