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The netfabb engine for fabbster is a included in your fabbster 3D printer.

You need to register the netfabb engine for fabbster to access all this module


USB tab sheet

In the USB tab sheet you can access the fabbster and control everything.

Read carefully to understand all functions your fabbster is capable.

Connect to fabbster

how to connect the netfabb engine with the fabbster

make sure that the fabbster is switched on and connected to the PC via a usb cable

  • press the "connect" button
    you can read the serial number of the fabbster and the firmware version if you are connected. If an failure occurs you will see the error message

Extrude material

extrude material

please keep care that your nozzle is hot before you start extruding

To extrude material you need to set the temperature to the melting temperature of the material

  • wait until temperature is reached
  • set the extruder RPM to an positiv value (e.g. 36 RPM)
  • It is not recommended to go over 100 RPM for material loading. Material or extruder can get damaged because of very high pressure in the nozzle

Unloading material

unload material from the extruder

To unload material you should heat the extruder. After the temperature is reached set the extruder RPM to a negative value to unload the material.

  • For unloading the material you can set the extruder to -240 RPM (maximum negativ speed)

Select the "movement" tab

how to manual move the axis
  • click the activate control button.

If this field is not activated the fabbster will not move with the cursor keys

you can move the extruder with the cursor and the PgUp and PgDn keys from keyboard:

    • left<->right will move the X-axis
    • up<->down will move the Y-axis
    • PgUp<->PgDn will move the Z-axis

The direction is always elated to the position of the nozzle.

The speed for all manual movements can be set using the "Speed" slider.

Select the print files tab sheet

Press the "Browse SD Card" button to access the files stored on the SD card located in the fabbster. Select one file to print or to remove it from the SD card.

Select the override tab sheet

Installation tests

machine tab sheet

style tab sheet

toolpath tab sheet

print tab sheet

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